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From well-organized space plans to breathtaking facades, our team of highly talented architects has designed a large variety of architectural figures in the locality. We are always thankful to their diverse professional backgrounds. Our concept team will transform your requirements into space-efficient floor plans and 3D models that will undoubtedly stand out. Our highly-capable Design Development team will then detail these drawings, to present you with highly-comprehensive, ready-to-build working architectural drawings. The first stage of architectural design is the concept design. It includes the initial sketches. Then comes the schematic design stage. Schematic Design Stage services will develop and elaborate on the approved Concept Development to finalize the overall exterior image and organization of the building plans and the immediately surrounding site.

F & B Projects are innovative, ensuring your home is uniquely yours and makes a statement about who you are and what you value. We collaborate with clients on every aspect of design, including the creation of drawings, liaising with consultants and the provision of 3D models, providing world-class architectural plans and designs.