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Interior Designing

F & B has the expertise to design the interiors of any given space, to satisfy the client’s requirements. Interiors are not usually included in the Architectural contract. The interior design of the project will be carried out as a separate if required by the client. Which includes, Floor finishes, Ceilings including acoustic treatment wherever required, Wall finishes, partitioning including demountable portioning if required, Lighting and Light Fixtures, Furnishings etc. Each space in every project is designed to perfection, using the latest advancements architecture. From perfect floors to flawless ceilings, each design is unique in its own way. Based on client’s requirements our interior designers will advise in which styles, colors, and features to adapt and then present the client with highly detailed way. Our Interior design team’s experience ranges from private villas and commercial building rooms.

F & B Projects brings you the most modern and innovative building designs, from contemporary to classic styles. We deliver different design solutions to satisfy individual requirements and tastes. For those looking to decorate or redecorate their living spaces, we strive to design and create the best designs to channel your unique and inspired lifestyle.